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"We exist to Empower Unemployed Students to be job-ready and Employed Students to be more Productive and Successful in their Career, Community and the dynamic fast paced work environment”.

International Introduction to Securities and Investments (IISI)

The International Introduction to Securities and Investment provides a comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry. This is currently the MANDATORY qualification for Capital Markets practitioners in EastAfrica.

Award in BancAssurance

The Award in Bancassurance is an important first step in developing your career in bancassurance. It provides a solid grounding in the relevant core financial, life assurance and insurance products.

Certificate in Corporate Finance (CCF)

This program will equip you with advanced corporate finance knowledge, skills and expertise. It will enhance the value you bring to the organisations you work with and help accelerate your career.

Combating Financial Crime and Cyber Security

Don't leave the door wide open - equip your staff to combat the growing risk of cyber crime. The CISI has developed a training and CPD programme to support the financial services sector in its fight against criminals.

Trade Finance Landscape is Changing - Are You?

Improve your Banks capacity to sell and manage Trade Finance Solutions.

Staying ahead of the game is key in any competitive industry. The trade finance landscape is no different and it’s time to step up your game. The ICC Academy, the educational arm of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) would like to introduce you to the introductory level certification providing comprehensive understanding of trade finance products- Global Trade Certification (GTC). This certification is targeted at Corporates, Banks and other Financial Institutions.


There are three significant trends dramatically transforming higher education across the globe:

1. There is a marked demand from students and employers to more efficiently and selectively connect Education and Careers, supporting the growing need for a more Skills-Focused and Career-Ready Workforce.

2. There is demand for more relevant Curriculum with new models emerging focused on Skills Development, Value and Lifelong Learning.

3. New and emerging Technology is driving Innovation and transforming Delivery and Engagement. Examples: include Gaming, Smart Simulation, Personalized Learning, and Intelligent Collaboration.

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