Bolton's Business School supports regulated entities update their knowledge gaps and stay compliant.

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Welcome to Boltons Business School

Our goal is to help regulated entities update their knowledge gaps, and stay compliant. We partner with Global Certification bodies to enable truly Global Qualifications relevant in today's fast paced business environment. 

What We Do



We exist to Empower Unemployed Students to be job-ready and Employed Students to be more Productive and Successful in their Career, Community and the dynamic fast paced work environment.



Our goal is to help Accountable Persons navigate the ever-changing face of Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, making Compliance simpler, more transparent and more manageable within the workplace.



Our goal is to use technology to support clients achieve their compliance requirements. Our APPSCORE Institute of Digital Technology builds customer centric software solutions.


We are Accredited Training Partners for CISI and ICC Academy



We are an Accredited Training Partner of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), CISI offers the CMA mandatory Financial Services qualification.  



The ICC Academy, the educational arm of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)  introductory level certification providing comprehensive understanding of trade finance products.



We build and customize Compliance Training Programs designed for participants to Discover, Engage and Interact with Compliance Tools including the Law, Procedure and across


Support where its needed the most

  1. RISK BASED AML POLICIES - The key driver of any AML Compliance Program is the Risk Assessment Report. Although not required by Law or any Regulation, your Regulator expects it. Try it now!
  2. AML COMPLIANCE AUDITS - The AML Auditor is your partner in delivering the Audit process, they are not your adversary. It shows your regulator your commitment to Compliance. Try it now!
  3. ENFORCEMENT ADVISORY - Administrative Sanctions include Freezing of Accounts, Fines and Penalties, this can bring your business to a complete STOP. We understand the Regulators language and are able to engage them for a settlement (a Warning, a Payment Plan or Compliance Timetable). Try it now!

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Our Specialists

Floridah Oyungrwoth

Team Leader Compliance & Advisory

Advocate of the High Court of Uganda, with over 6 years experience; in charge of the Compliance Advisory Unit Practice.

Oscar G Ofumbi ACSI

Team Leader Training & Technology

Associate of the CISI, he is a Tutor on AML Practice and Investments. in charge of Training and Technology Practice.

Paul Mugerwa ACSI

Consultant, Training

Supports AML Training, Enforcement Advisory and Independent Audits Practice.

Recent News

20 March 2019

What is the history of Money Laundering?

Money laundering is a criminal endeavor that’s more pervasive than you might think. 

28 May 2019

Lawyers and Accountant foster Money Laundering 

A lot of lawyers and accountants in pulp fiction are happy to help criminals turn dirty money into clean cash.

24 September 2019

TZ fines Equity and I&M Bank for money laundering

Tanzania’s central bank has fined two Kenyan banks Sh55.78 million for breaking anti-money laundering rules, as regulators in East Africa move to curb the flow of illicit money.

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