AMLCO BootCamp

The Anti Money Laundering Control Officers (AMLCO's) role and demands are changing rapidly in the face of new legislation ongoing reporting obligations and ever changing nature of criminal behavior.

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Limited Class Sizes of 20 Pax Only. First Come First Serve.

90% of AMLCO's are learning on the Job. Our mission therefore is to support them achieve their Career goals, become more effective in their day to day operations and enable their employers comply with the ever changing regulations.

Key Topics

What you will learn

  1. MANAGING THE AMLCO OFFICE - the AMLCO Office has evolved from mere paperwork to a more risk based approach to include scenario planning and ongoing risk assessment of customer profiles. SIGN UP NOW!
  2. AML CASE STUDY - How to? Incident Management. This is designed to give practical actions based on a Proprietary Case Study and role play activities. SIGN UP NOW!
  3. CONDUCTING AN AML AUDIT - the Anti Money Laundering Audit can be a very challenging task to coordinate unlike a Financial Audit, an AML Audit has a number to real live tests and is designed to check each and every aspect. Its important to understand how its conducted so you can offer valuable insight to the Audit Team. SIGN UP NOW!

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