Own Your Compliance 

We build Risk Based Policies that are easy to use and Regulator friendly.

Our goal is to help Accountable Persons navigate the ever-changing face of Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, making Compliance simpler, more transparent and more manageable within the workplace.

What we Do


The key driver of any AML Compliance Program is the Risk Assessment Report. Although not required by Law or any Regulation, your Regulator expects it.


The AML Auditor is your partner in delivering the Audit process, they are not your adversary. It shows your regulator your commitment to Compliance.


Regulators have power to issue Administrative Sanctions include Freezing of Accounts, Fines and Penalties, which can bring your business to a complete STOP. 

Our Specialist areas

Lawyers & Accountants

Lawyers & Accountant Risk Profile

These are described as the "Gate Keepers" as they are privy to transactions that can be classified as "Suspicious". They are targeted to create a "Legit" bill of health.

Forex Bureaus & Financial Institutions

Forex Bureau & Gambling Risk Profile

Forex Bureaus & Sports Betting are unique in their AML Risk Profile due to the high cash turnover and are prone to smurfing. They are targeted mainly to "Smoke Screen" the source.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Risk Profile

Real estate is perhaps the highest sector prone to AML/CTF due to the huge sums of money involved. They are targeting mainly to "legitimize" the income source.

LOOK before you DEAL

Compliance CLOUD helps Accountable Persons screen potential customers for AML Risks and file SRS and LCT Reports