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out of Life

...with a Financial Plan

"When you know your Investments, Child's Education, Insurance, Wealth Transfer, Retirement Plans, Personal Taxes, and all areas of your financial life are being monitored and adjusted as needed, you can relax and spend your time pursuing your Personal/Professional Goals".

How to make it Happen


We built comprehensive Financial and Protection Plans to enable you achieve your Goals and manage the twists and turns that inevitably come along the journey of Life.


Lets setup a Plan to ensure your Golden days are as pleasant as your youthful days away from the anxiety of the past and looking boldly forward to some peace and quiet.


Its time for Junior to shine, but is Junior ready yet? We will handhold you on this journey from Structures to Safeguards for the next generation.



FREE Retirement Conversation

FREE Consultation for 30 minutes and we are confident from initial engagements and feedback from current clients that it was about time to have the conversation. Free meant that it was an open conversation which released the anxiety and doubts about the possibilities.


In case i am unable to....

Powers of Attorney are useful to have especially as a risk management tool in the event of someone becoming invalid due to an accident or a medical condition the power of attorney enables someone named to act on their behalf.


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Design a Retirement that excites you

Dont avoid the subject

The subject of retirement like all financial related subjects brings a lot of anxiety and doubt as many of us are usually concerned that we shall be ready. Variables we can't control keep mounting around us like Inflation and slowing global economy the imminent risk of layoffs are constantly in the news and all around us. How can we begin to talk about the subject when we are shell shocked about the prospect that we may not be able to address questions related to our preparation.  Its no wonder we try to avoid the subject.

Powers of Attorney

Do you need one?

Powers of Attorney are legal documents used to give another person authority over another persons assets or sometimes even life. Powers of Attorney can sometimes be signed if someone anticipates to travel for a long time and needs his responsibilities attended to while they are away. It could be to enable someone access credit using your property or other assets. It could be before a major operation allowing someone to state who should make decisions about their health in the event that they are unable to continue their normal functions of writing or understanding after the operation.

What is Financial Planning?

Do you need it?

Financial Planning is the process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your goals and dreams - while at the same time helping you negotiate the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life.

Financial Planning is a holistic process that covers Budgeting, Child Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate or Wealth Transfer and Tax Planning.